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These everyday items are anything but ordinary: Bederke Finest Fabrics

Those who want to escape the whirlwind of consumerism in Munich’s city centre should absolutely call in at Bederke Finest Fabrics. As part of the Luitpoldblock, the shop seems like an oasis of quiet in the middle of the city, where pure fashion lines up beside small interior artworks.

Here it’s not about trends, but basic items for every day use, which despite their function are anything but ordinary: “All of our products are low-key and the inherent luxury will pass unnoticed by some, or only at second glance”, says owner Markus Bederke.

The shop was opened in 1993 by Christine Bederke. At the time, her focus was on swimwear and lingerie. Her son, Markus, took over the business in 2009 and renovated it extensively, turning the shop into an integrated concept which concentrates on craftsmanship and, above all, high-quality products.

Each season the owner goes in search of unusual products which he sources from across the world. His product range is curated in such a selective way that visitors are able to rediscover true gems from international brands which they would otherwise be searching for in vain in the city. Perhaps it’s the clean designs made from the finest materials by the James Perse label from Los Angeles, or soft leather bags by the French designer Isaac Reina. In addition you’ll find the finest glasses and carafes from the Lobmeyr glassware company in Vienna, or elaborate objects made from wood, brass or stone from the Belgian product designer Michaël Verheyden. It is precisely this blend of timeless collector’s items which makes Bederke Finest Fabrics a unique store.

Produkte von Bederke - Finest Fabrics

Bederke - Finest Fabrics
EST 2012
Salvatorplatz im Luitpoldblock 4
Postcode / Town
80333 München
Opening Hours
Mo-Fr 10 - 19 Uhr / Sa 10 - 18 Uhr
Product segments
Design & Accessories
John Pawson, Lobmeyr, Michaël Verheyden, uvm.