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“The perfect handbag for all occasions”

For Anna Dickhardt, the search for the perfect bag was a challenge she encountered early in life. She scoured boutiques across the world, but could never find the right model. So the solution was clear to the designer: “I’ll create my own bag.” Since 2015, ANY DI has been synonymous with superior quality and innovative multifunctionality in chic designs.

During her time as a young tennis professional she was already searching in vain for the perfect bag. “I needed something practical for the tennis court and something chic for meetings with sponsors,” recalls Anne Dickhardt. “But space in my luggage was very limited, so preferably it needed to be an all-rounder.” Since Anne never found the perfect piece, she simply created it herself after her tennis career came to an end.

The Munich resident sources the leather for the high-grade products exclusively from Italy, Spain and Turkey. She regularly checks the high standards of quality for herself on site. Nowadays the bags can be purchased worldwide – from Munich, to Frankfurt, to New York or Dubai.

The unique selling point of the ANY DI bags: a chic design combined with innovative multifunctionality. Thanks to the patented strap system, all of the ANY DI bags can be instantly adapted to the owner’s own unique style – from a casual shoulder bag to a comfortable rucksack or a classic style worn on the wrist.

That’s not the only innovation: Anne Dickhardt can also be credited with the invention of the SunCover. A sunglasses case, worn as a handbag accessory. “The glasses case is really eye-catching and at the same time it protects the lenses from scratches and dents.”

One of the most popular styles amongst ANY Divas is the Business Bag L. “A businesswoman works a full-time week and is also a perfectly organised mother and housewife. Therefore the modern woman needs a bag that has many versatile uses,” explains the business owner. “Timeless, classic design combined with as many wearing options as possible for every challenging situation. Our customers are fashion-conscious women with an attention to detail who know exactly what they want and have a feel for the highest quality.”

For those now thinking that Anne Dickhardt might own an entire wardrobe full of bags, the Munich-based businesswoman sets the record straight: “My idea was, and still is, to own one single perfect handbag that I don’t have to constantly change.” Her current favourite: the Bag L in pink. She combines it with the SunCover in gold with real gold plating.

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