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Studio Munique

Artworks and handmade leather goods

Creative accessories and living ideas made from quality materials like leather and wood – and everything is crafted by only two sets of hands

Studio Munique is located in Munich’s west end. And the name – a fusion of “Munich” and “unique” – tells you all you need to know: Stefan Geisberger and his partner Suse have been making creative living accessories by hand in their workshop since 2012. Both of them value the combination of classic handicraft and modern design. They favour carefully selected and valuable materials for their products, as they believe that everyday objects should last for a very long time.

It all began with wood: the trained graphic designers made wall clocks using the natural material. Very soon they added other materials, and in 2013 they made the first prototypes using leather. “Because I spent many years designing accessories on my computer as a graphic designer and the complete implementation of the product was exciting to me, we switched to leather,” explains Stefan. The bestseller at Studio Munique is the entire range of leather keychains made from leather and metal.

Stefan and Suse both have a particular soft spot for materials, finishing and printing techniques, and alongside leather and wood they also combine metal, denim and cork. This means they not only make bags and keychains, but also unusual furniture items such as the “denim fieldbed”, a folding camp bed with a denim covering. Or the “beergarden classic”, a typical beer garden stool, but the traditional wooden sections are covered with leather.

The pair, who got to know each other when partying at a club in Munich, personally craft all of their items by hand. That can obviously take a while. From the initial idea up to the finished product, an item goes through numerous stages, starting with the sketch on paper, via the procurement of materials and the prototypes, and ending with the photograph for the online shop. “I need a whole day for a beer garden stool, and for our simple wallet an hour,” reveals Stefan. If he has an idea in mind, then he prefers to implement it immediately. The beer garden stool is one of his favourite pieces by Studio Munique. He displays his handmade items in his own home, too. Stefan’s favourite: the camp bed on his balcony.

“Along with our accessories, our focus is on brand design. We create custom-made concepts for other brands”, he explains. It comes as no surprise, then, that alongside leather goods and furniture items, the “Sunday Boards” likewise make an appearance in the Studio Munique online shop. “Since we also offer just graphic design, it was important to us to combine attractive graphic motifs with wood,” confirms Stefan. “The medium longboard, skateboard and snowboard excited us.”

Studio Munique doesn’t have one particular type of customer, whether that be young or old, male or female – the healthy mixture makes the shop what it is. A new branch in another city? No chance! “We’re ‘Münchner Kindl,’ Munich’s children. Our studio is remaining uniquely in Munich.”

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Studio Munique
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Studio Munique