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TOBS Beauty

The Organic Beauty Store

Effective, premium natural cosmetics, the majority certified, in an attractive ambience offering fantastic advice – all available to try out directly!

The Organic Beauty Store – TOBS Beauty for short – is not just a cosmetics shop, but rather a wellbeing oasis in the midst of Munich’s ‘big city’ aesthetic. In this shop for natural cosmetics, founder Rainer Hauber and his team offer solutions for every skin type and almost every skin problem. In particular, customers looking to avoid synthetic ingredients have come to the right place. That’s because at TOBS Beauty, the focus is entirely on the power of nature as well as high-tech cosmetics with organic ingredients. The trained specialists always take the necessary time to find the right products for each individual skin type. At the same time, it’s incredibly important that the products sold in the shop are “organic”, “cruelty-free” and mostly even “vegan”.

New customers to natural cosmetics can however rest assured: it’s true that the products don’t contain any artificial ingredients, but that doesn’t mean that any purchased creams or scents spoil quicker. TOBS Beauty founder Hauber assures us: “As a consumer that regularly uses his products, the natural conservatives don’t have a negative effect on shelf life.”

In particular, women between the ages of 30 and 60 who are interested in anti-aging and don’t want to fall back on pharmaceutical or chemical products sold by common cosmetic brands count amongst the core customers of TOBS Beauty. However, no matter what age or gender, anyone who is concerned with natural cosmetics, effectiveness, sustainability and Fairtrade is in the right place at this shop. This is because Rainer Hauber’s store unites these principles in all its products. And the customers are just as diverse as the product range which is oriented at their needs. Amongst men, too, the desire for beneficial cosmetic products is growing, as Hauber knows from his own experience: “Men nowadays – myself included – place significantly more value on a groomed appearance and therefore use a lot more creams than in years gone by. Nevertheless, most men still want things to be quick and uncomplicated.”

Yet at TOBS Beauty, it’s not only the contents of the tubes that is important. High-quality skincare is truly celebrated here. Hauber and his team therefore also offer various facial treatments on site. The relaxing care treatment using natural cosmetics provides the skin with everything it is most in need of, and much more besides. One of the most popular treatments is the „Rejuvenate Anti-Aging Facial“ which promises pure luxury for the skin! The complete product range epitomises the successful philosophy of the company: the interplay between “skinfood” and “soulfood”. However, is a line really being drawn between the two? “Most of our products are both. On the one hand they nourish and protect the skin, but on the other hand they also smell amazing, have great textures and are therefore a treat for all the senses”, explains TOBS founder Rainer Hauber. But come and see for yourself, and let yourself and your skin be pampered in this stylish store for natural cosmetics.

Produkte von TOBS Beauty

TOBS Beauty
EST 2016
Innere Wiener Straße 55
Postcode / Town
81667 München
Opening Hours
Mo-Fr 10 - 19 Uhr / Sa 10 - 18 Uhr
Product segments
Beauty & Health, Skin care, Premium natural cosmetics
Amala, Kahina Giving Beauty, The Organic Pharmacy, uvm.