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Lifestyle and tradition rolled into one

Are you free from the confines of convention? Do you like to explore new ground? And do it all in a relaxed and serene way? Then it just might be the case that a little MONACO DUCK is hiding somewhere within you.

In summer 2014 Julian Hermsdorf and Carl Warkentin made the decision to found a shoe label with a unique and integrally local approach. And so they had the idea for the current MONACO DUCK online shop. The two men derived its name from the Italian name for Munich: Monaco di Baviera. And why Duck? Well, because both founders selected a duck wearing a traditional Bavarian feathered hat as their logo. It’s supposed to embody the soul of the label: “It does what it wants. It’s not governed by convention and it explores new ground, but at the same time it always stays true to its roots.”

MONACO DUCK is thereby combining lifestyle and tradition in a unique way. Just how unique becomes apparent when you take a closer look at the materials being used. That’s because all of their products are made from loden cloth – and entirely by hand. Originally used for hunting, this traditional material was embraced by Hermsdorf and Warkentin: “We use longstanding classics and materials as a base and then we revive them with a modern, innovative design.”

The elaborately processed loden cloth is made from natural and pure sheep’s wool. This means that MONACO DUCK is working with a renewable resource which is completely free from chemical additives. Responsible trade is likewise one of their priorities. Their motto: “Everyone can do their bit and show that there’s a better alternative. That’s why the label relies on high-quality materials which are manufactured under optimal production conditions and traded at a fair price.

And it’s also why Hermsdorf and Warkentin are working with a small and exclusive manufacturer in Italy, which makes loden cloth shoes and bags in attractive designs. The traditional material itself is supplied by the oldest textile factory in Germany. In fact, loden cloth is so old that MONACO DUCK was the first business to have the idea of using the material to make shoes. Unbelievable when you consider the many advantages it brings. Loden is water and oil resistant, breathable, temperature equalising, windproof, fire-resistant and easy to clean – what more do you want?

That Julian Hermsdorf and Carl Warkentin’s Munich store came to fuse the seemingly contrasting themes of tradition and innovation is not really surprising. “These contrasts are also reflected in our home city of Munich, in Monaco di Baviera. It’s a place full of big-city surfers, globetrotters and authentic connoisseurs,” says the online shop owner.

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