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An insider tip for fashion individualists

IIndividual craftsmanship, limited-edition garments and fashion labels set apart from the seasonal fashion circus –hide[m] celebrates individuality.

Summarised in one succinct sentence, the concept behind hide(m) would probably be: individual and not for everyone. Once you arrive in the store situated close to Rosenheimer Platz, you find yourself in a unique world, far-removed from the fashion circus. You won’t meet anyone here who allows their sense of what is fashionable to be dictated by magazines.

Instead of commercial designers, small independent labels are on sale, which set themselves apart from the fickle fashion world. High-quality products for both men and women that are not only individual, but also rare, are finding a new home at hide(m). Some of the clothing items are even exclusive to hide[m], or are limited to 10-20 pieces worldwide – true fashion rarities!

Munich’s hidden fashion gem

So how does a designer end up in this exclusive selection? The quality, manufacturing, philosophy, future development and goals of the designers and their products are determined during in-depth discussions. However, the last criterion is always wearability. Those who are dressed in hide[m] certainly don’t need to hide away. Despite their individuality, the garments are stylish, wearable and naturally of the highest quality. The price for a cashmere jumper is around 1,000 Euros, and a shell cordovan jacket will set you back 3,500 Euros.

And speaking of hiding! The hidden and the covert actually had a big hand in the naming of hide[m], because one thing was clear from the offset: the classic walk-in customer, who enters the shop by chance, isn’t part of the concept’s target audience. Here you are much more likely to find fashion-conscious shoppers with a clear goal in mind: to purchase timeless treasures in inspired styles. So, the word “hide” was fused with an “m” for Munich, forming the descriptive name of the store.

Fashion shop and art exhibition rolled into one

Come and take a look and enjoy an individual consultation. Staff will give you a great deal of their time and passion, without pressuring you into buying anything. Or simply cast a curious glance at the unusual artwork which is on display on the premises at hide[m].

If you’re not able to visit the unique shop in person, it’s also worth taking a virtual trip to the online shop. That’s because the hide[m] website is just as unusual as the shop on Rosenheimer Straße. Instead of just the classic product images, you will also find artistic sketches of the garments, which capture the structure of the high-quality materials in an even more intense, pictorial and detailed way. If you want to stay up to date with all the the hide(m) products and promotions, it’s definitely worth following their Instagram page and subscribing to their newsletter.
Instagram: hide_munich

Produkte von hide[m]

EST 2018
Rosenheimerstraße 44 Rgb.
Postcode / Town
81669 München
Opening Hours
Mo-Tu 13 - 19 Uhr / Fr-Sa 13 - 19 Uhr
Product segments
Multibrand store - woman + men
uvm., A Diciannoveventitre, Label under Construction, Layer-0, Leon Emanuel Blanck