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art:ig Galerie

“Artig” means well-behaved in German, but this is far from it - a refreshingly different Munich art gallery

An unconventional gallery that set out both to provide a platform for young artists and also to close the gap between expensive and affordable art - that is the idea behind art:ig.

As Pablo Picasso once said, “art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”. How about a little detour into the refreshingly different art:ig gallery? The gallery not only offers its visitors a wide range of artworks and styles, but also spoils them for choice with two different premises: one of them is in the Museum Quarter, while the other is situated in the trendy neighbourhood surrounding Munich’s Gärtnerplatz.

Since 2003, art:ig has been presenting and buying prints, among other things, from artists and newcomers at very reasonable prices. Smaller pictures can be acquired for as little as 30 Euros. Lately the gallery has even started selling originals. The collection also includes subjects from films, sports and music, which gallery owners Chryssi Tsiaoussi and Tommi Hallmann select with utmost care. What is it about art that fascinates them both? “The ability of people to use their own motivation and inner strength to create something new and unseen, and thereby to elicit an emotional response in others.”

Alongside the acquirable motifs and originals, visitors can also get their own pictures turned into high-quality art prints. Among these pictures there are always one or two bizarre requests. One such request has stuck in the memories of the gallery owners to this day: a customer once brought private porn photos to have them converted into art prints. Unusual wishes are not a problem at art:ig!

The gallery duo’s customer base covers a wide spectrum. So wide, in fact, that even Chryssi Tsiaoussi and Tommi Hallmann themselves have still not found a common denominator after all these years. “We have kids who want to nab a Spiderman, we have Dads who buy the Big Lebowski, we have bankers who want to have a courtyard garden hanging in their office, the successful businesswoman who’s redecorating her living room and even tourists who come to buy a souvenir that will fit in their suitcase.” This means there is something for every art enthusiast at art:ig.

That may well be due to the roundabout way that Chryssi Tsiaoussi and Tommi Hallmann entered the world of art. It was a long and winding path that ended up with them owning their own gallery. Chryssi Tsiaoussi originally trained as an industrial management assistant at Siemens. For his part, Tommi Hallmann clawed his way from one profession to another – from hairdresser to DJ to a Munich-based restauranteur.

And that’s exactly where the duo’s paths crossed: in Tommi’s bar. They jointly decided to set out on an artistic career path and opened their premises. Contacts among their friends helped them adapt the idea in accordance with their wishes. And oh how they succeeded: this standout gallery is definitely worth a visit.

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art:ig Galerie
EST 2006
Corneliusstraße 19
Postcode / Town
80469 München
Opening Hours
Tu-Fr 12 - 19:30 Uhr / Sa 12 - 18 Uhr
Product segments
Art, Painting, Photography, Prints
Brendan Murphy, uvm.