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COCii Jewelry

“Timeless jewellery, simple designs and a touch of extravagance”

On Munich’s Gärtnerplatz, in the heart of the trendy Ludwigsvorstadt-Isarvorstadt quarter, is a veritable jewel of urban shop culture: COCii Jewellery Munich. Jewellery designer Claudia Lassner takes her inspiration from everyday encounters, travelling, music and films.

Nothing is off limits to her: this Munich local channels everything that she experiences into transforming her ideas into elegant jewellery, which is lovingly crafted by hand in her own studio. The client is not excluded from the creative process, as they are able to help in designing their dream accessory by inputting their ideas and preferences.

The label is popular with a wide-ranging client base, which the owner views with a large amount of goodwill: “From architects to teachers, from pupils or young students right up to a more mature audience – everyone is welcome.” There is one thing that unites all of these different people, namely a love of timeless, simple designs with a touch of extravagance – and that’s exactly what COCii Jewellery Munich offers.

Claudia Lassner dedicates herself to the creative process. “To begin with there is a vague thought, a whiff of an idea that materialises bit by bit” explains the jewellery designer. “With rough sketches on paper or little models and mood boards I try to give the whole thing a framework.” It is only then that the last step can take place: rendering the idea in high-quality metal. Claudia Lassner is equally as diligent in selecting all of her materials.

There’s one precious metal that caught her eye in particular. “I enjoy working with gold the most. It’s wonderful to craft with.” And although she primarily focusses on timeless jewellery and simple forms in her designs, she knows all about the fascination of precious stones. “Diamonds are an absolute classic” she enthuses. “Some find them boring, but I’m beguiled every time I see that brilliant glow.”

How did this ambitious Munich local come to be a jewellery designer in the first place? Even as a young child accessories left a lasting impression on Claudia Lassner. “My first memories are of freshly engraved earrings – I was four years old”, she recalls. But it was her impatience as a young adult that tipped the scales: she originally wanted to study medicine, but instead of waiting for a rare and highly-coveted study placement, she took a course in jewellery design. “I fell in love with working with precious metals very quickly” the designer explains about her time studying jewellery. From this moment on, her path was laid out before her.

After graduating she started out at full tilt on her bumpy but exciting path, always with the same goal in mind: making a success of her dream project – COCii. Lassner derived the name of the label from nicknames from her childhood. For her, the childhood yearning to discover things and the desire to experiment are closely linked to creativity. From an old tram factory to a back alley workshop right up to her own shop, she passed through a number of stations on her way – and they weren’t all easy. “I won’t miss a single one – not even the horrible ones!”

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COCii Jewelery
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