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LOVE Kidswear

Carefree & cheerful: distinctive, sustainable children’s fashion

Outside the world of mainstream fashion, mother-of-two Franziska Bergmiller designs distinctive childrenswear that is sustainable and produced in a fair way under the label LOVE Kidswear.

Have you had enough of the huge fashion chains that are flooding the market with short-lived and for the most part cheaply produced childrenswear? If so, be sure to drop in at COCO Monaco in Munich city centre. The tastefully designed concept store at Marienplatz 1 is home to a true shopping gem: LOVE Kidswear – children’s fashion featuring simple cuts and fun detailing.

Why should comfortable, high-quality fashion be reserved for adults only? Outside the world of mainstream fashion, designer Franziska Bergmiller creates beautiful garments that are perfectly tailored to the needs of little adventure-seekers between the ages of 0 and 14. As the business founder, her aim is to design unusual, but child-friendly collections that are sustainable and produced in a way that is fair to both people and the environment. The designs are the work of Franziska Bergmiller herself, but the clothing is manufactured in Portugal.

From high-end fashion to delightful childrenswear

You may be wondering what inspired the designer to create children’s fashion. After studying fashion at the German Fashion Academy (Deutsche Meisterschule für Mode), she spent four years working for the world-famous fashion designer Vivienne Westwood in London. However, after Franziska Bergmiller became a mother, she had difficulty finding a job as a designer that left her adequate time to spend with her children.

In need of a channel for her creativity while searching for work, she started printing bodysuits and fabrics for her own children. Little did she know back then that this would mark the beginnings of LOVE Kidswear. Her friends and acquaintances adored her designs and soon started buying her garments.

Distinctive designs for everyday wear and mucking about in the sandpit

But for all the emphasis on artistic freedom and design, the mother-of-two understands exactly what makes great children’s fashion: “The fabrics must be hardwearing and allow freedom of movement. The unusual cuts have to stand up to everyday wear and mucking about in the sandpit” – something that is certainly true of this designer’s garments. She has nevertheless held on to one thing from the high-end fashion industry: an irresistible penchant for desaturated, elegant colours.

The level of enthusiasm for her childrenswear is evident from the fact that – by popular customer demand – a capsule womenswear collection is due to be launched in 2019. It’s obviously not just kids who are crazy about LOVE Kidswear designs.

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LOVE kidswear
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