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Michael Jahn

Head Concierge Sofitel Munich Bayerpost: “Our guest’s wishes are always our top priorities!”

How long have you been at the Sofitel Munich Bayerpost?

The hotel celebrated its opening in 2014. I have been here from the beginning and helped build the concierge lodge. I am now in my 15th year here.

Was it always your career goal to be a concierge? What do you like best about the job?

I worked as the front office deputy manager for three years, however I wanted to be closer to the customers. As a concierge, you are in close contact with your guests on a daily basis, providing an individual travel experience with tailored service, thus creating unforgettable memories. Very few other professions allow so much room for creativity, and that still gives me great pleasure.

What exactly does a concierge do?

They say that working as a concierge is not a job, but a calling. I can only wholeheartedly agree with that. A concierge has outstanding contacts to the best locations in the city at their disposal. This is how you make the seemingly impossible possible for every guest.

What do the keys on your lapel mean?

The golden keys, also known as “Clefs d’Or”, are the sign of the only professional concierge association. We have around 4,500 members worldwide. This logo stands for competence, experience, and discretion in the grand hotel business. We have a large national and international network at our disposal. When an individual does not know how to proceed with his concern, he can contact other local colleagues to finally find success. For the guest, the golden keys signal that their concierge is a knowledgeable contact person for any concern, from reservations at the best restaurants in the city to tickets for the next football game. They can also be sure that their concierge always has the best insider tips on hand.

Where can you be found on a sunny afternoon in Munich?

Either in a pub garden at the lake house or with an ice cream and a cappuccino in the courtyard garden. If the weather doesn’t want to play along, I also enjoy a bit of culture with a visit to Lenbachhaus, for example.

What is your recommendation for a perfect day in Munich?

For the ideal start to the day, I can only recommend our breakfast buffet here at Sofitel Munich Bayerpost. Afterwards, a stroll through the Viktualienmarkt or a bike ride through the English Garden. For a break along the way, make a stop at the Eisbach, where you can enjoy the sun and watch the surfers. An evening walk in Schwabing is the perfect end to the day.

Top Three
Tip 1
Luisenstraße 33
Städtische Galerie
Tip 2
Breakfast Buffet at Sofitel Munich Bayerpost
Bayerstraße 12
Ideal start to the day
Tip 3
Eisbach Wave
Enjoy the sun and watch the surfers