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Red Blue V-neck sweater SIXTUS of pure merino wool by Rennschmied & Wagner

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Rennschmied & Wagner - Red Blue V-neck sweater made of pure merino wool Made in Germany
SIXTUS is a striking men's sweater with a V-neck in a powerful and unusual stripe pattern. The pattern is inspired by the gate of the town hall in Zeil am Main.

  • Material: Pure merino wool - The wool: The medium-weight men's sweater SIXTUS is made of pure Italian merino wool in a manufactory in Thuringia. Merino wool is a very well wearable material, because it does not scratch, but it also warms well in winter when processed finely. Since merino fibres contain up to 85% air, the material has an insulating effect and can also absorb sweat or moisture. A merino wool sweater therefore has a very pleasant temperature-equalizing effect in winter, but also in the transition period. Especially in the colder months of the year, the turtleneck provides additional protection against cold and wind.
  • Colour: Red Blue
  • Care instructions: Pure merino wool does not absorb odours, but can store moisture. Therefore, good ventilation on a wooden hanger is usually sufficient for care. If a Merino sweater needs to be washed, then either choose the wool program of the washing machine or the good old hand wash and let it dry lying down.
  • Beautiful details: SIXTUS is robust without being too thick. You can feel the double-walled type of knitting; the two layers of wool keep you warm and enclose your body firmly and powerfully. The fit of the men's sweater is body-hugging, but not too tight.
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